GAME GOLF Digital Tracking System

In golf, it’s not just about practice – improvement comes from knowing your game. With a simple tag on a small, wearable device that clips to a belt, golfers simply play their normal game whilst GAME GOLF does the rest.

GAME GOLF captures your round, your trends, your statistics and allows you to compare them to some of the best golfers around the world. GAME GOLF analyses every stroke you take so you can share your rounds, compete with your friends and track your performance.


How It Works

Improvement comes from knowing your game inside and out. Unlike professional golfers, everyday golf enthusiasts don’t have access to this information – until now. Used by professionals Lee Westwood, Graeme McDowell and Jim Furyk, GAME GOLF’s Digital Tracking System brings golf into the 21st century and helps golfers to reach their full potential.

Playing golf should be exactly that – playing. With GAME GOLF, game tracking happens in the background, so you can focus on playing instead of note-taking. All you have to do is power up, put on the device, and play your game.

Install the unique tags into each of your clubs and simply tag each club to the device before you take your shot. GAME GOLF logs what club you use and where on the course you use it. By combining these observations, your game is visualised like never before. GAME GOLF is all about comparing results, monitoring trends and motivating improvements. Mathematical trends over time in all statistical areas are carefully calculated and presented in a way that can educate, not just illustrate.


Your entire golf game is presented and analysed so you can actually use the information to improve your play – from overall changes to precise adjustments. You now have the ability to focus on all aspects of a game – stats, club usage and performance for every shot. Then relive each hole with satellite mapping of your round.

What the Pros have to say

Graeme McDowell, “The GAME GOLF platform is right at the cutting edge of data capture. It amazes me just how great the feedback is that you get out of it. I can share my rounds of golf all over the world via Twitter and Facebook and let’s be honest there’s nothing quite like that in golf today.”


Lee Westwood, “It’s a great way to capture the game you’ve just played. You can see through the data where you can improve your game and with golf being a game of such fine margins, just improving slightly in certain areas can mean saving one or two shots a round.”

PGA Partnership

The PGA has signed a new agreement with leading technology innovator GAME GOLF, which is aimed at revolutionising the way golfers learn and play the game. Under the arrangement, GAME GOLF will become a PGA Official Supplier as they look to launch the product to PGA Professionals and amateur and club golfers in the UK and Ireland.

John McGuire, CEO of GAME GOLF, commented: ““We’re delighted to announce this landmark partnership with The PGA. GAME GOLF will revolutionise the game by changing the way we socialise about golf and reveal how we are actually playing the game. Much like the introduction of plastic cleats changed the culture of the game, we are doing the same by making golf more social and bringing a golfer’s data to life.”


Among the PGA Tour professionals working with GAME GOLF to develop the product are 2010 U.S. Open champion Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood and, most recently, 2003 U.S. Open champion Jim Furyk.  McDowell has been testing and providing feedback on the product for the last two years.

 Barack Obama

The world’s most powerful man was spotted using the GAME GOLF tracking device at Farm Neck Golf Club, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, just off Cape Cod. The PGA and R&A approved device was spotted on President Obama, who has been using the GAME GOLF tracking device to analyse and improve his game, and lower his reported 17 handicap.


Price: £159.95

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