For the past 125 years members and visitors have played golf within sight of Mellor Church. In fact when playing shots on some parts of the course, members use the church as a landmark for lining up their shots. Golf is believed to have been played at Mellor since the 1880’s. Mellor Golf Club was founded back in 1894 on land originally owned by the famous industrialist and entrepreneur Samuel Oldknow, which became part of the Arkwright estate (the family were descendants of Richard Arkwright who invented the water frame to produce a cotton yarn suitable for warp in the 18 th century).
The Townscliffe Golf Club whose land was adjacent to Mellor Church, was founded in 1908 and dissolved in 1920. Many members joined Mellor Golf Club to form Mellor & Townscliffe Golf Club. In the early days the course was 9 holes which were extended to 18 holes in 1925 in accordance with a promise made to the members of Townscliffe Golf Club at the time of the amalgamation. Six holes were lost to the war effort (1939-45) and the course was not restored to 18 holes until 1965.
The members did their bit for the war effort in inviting wounded soldiers from Brabyns Hospital to tea and a concert on 4th August 1915 at the clubhouse. We know that the cost of £3.3s.3d was covered by donations from the members of
M&TGC. The profit of 3s.6d on the sale of photographs of the soldiers outside the clubhouse went to Brabyns Hospital and as the event was so successful a second event was held in May 1916 which comprised of a fete and putting competition!
The farm above the 10 th hole next to the cross on Cobden Edge is said to have taken its name after a remark by John Welsey on a visit in 1745 who described the view as “paradise.”
In 2019 the club will host several special events including a corporate competition, the Manchester Business Cup on June 28th . Members and visitors will be testing their skills in endeavoring to tame ‘The Mellor’ hole – a par 6 measuring over 700 yards – in various competitions.
This forward thinking club is also freezing its annual £850 membership fee for the next five years until 2023. The club welcomes visitors and social membership is open to the community. The club has teamed up with Walksfromthedoor, providing leaflets outlining three different walks from the clubhouse.
There’s no better way to sum up what the club means to so many people then to quote Pat Ward-Thomas, the Guardian’s former golf correspondent: “As one turns from the main road to the clubhouse awareness and freshness and escape is born. It is good for the soul of man to rise occasionally above his normal surrounding and
look down on the world about him – few courses in England give this impression of detachment as effectively as does Mellor.” He concludes “The final charm of Mellor awaits one on the clubhouse balcony, libations will have been earned and eyes as well as limbs may be rested, for across the garden meadows, the wooded value of the Goyt winds peacefully towards the hills.